Ravelry Projects Episode 3

Well, I did it! I made it through the longest semester in the universe. To celebrate, here’s another batch of beautiful projects made by talented artists using my designs, although I should probably change the title of these posts since most of these aren’t from Ravelry. Eh, oh well.

Thank you guys so much for sharing your awesome projects with me!


This pair of Lotus Mandala Vests was created by Bev Jones : One for her, using the extra sizing rounds now included in the written pattern, and one for her 5-year-old, adding the armholes after Rnd 13. She used Katia Paint Gradient for both!


Michele made this bright & citrusy Flower Child Pullover for her 13-year-old using Caron Cakes yarn! Looks super groovy 😀 Plus you don’t have to weave in as many ends using those long-color-change yarns 😉 Thanks for sharing!

Kym Stroud Smith Scrappy Granny


Check out those colors on this amazing Scrappy Granny Shawl made by Kym Smith! She’s stitching in Australia so it’s the perfect time to make up something cozy. I just love that golden mustard color next to the smoky lavender and grays!


Keltronica’s Lotus Mandala Duster came out looking perfect! Check out her helpful notes on the project on the Ravelry project page . Lovely photos taken by Tim Sutherland.

For more submitted projects, see Episode 1 and Episode 2!


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