Flower Child Pullover Pattern

Can I tell you about how stoked I am to finally have this design out?! I just barely squeaked it in, a month after I had planned on releasing it, while pre-warm-weather crafting is still going on: It’s the Flower Child Pullover! Cousin to my Mandala Top pattern, I think this may be my favorite pattern I’ve designed so far.

You can get it through my Etsy Shop , Ko-Fi Shop, or my Ravelry Pattern Store! More details below.


With a colorful openwork design and a flattering A-line shape, the Flower Child Pullover lets the good vibes flow! A great layering piece for any season and a guaranteed eye-catcher at the beach, festivals, markets, concerts, yoga, or anywhere you feel like letting your hippie flag fly.


This funkadelic mandala sweater dress is similar in construction to the sleeveless tunic-style Mandala Top, made with the same easy-care worsted weight acrylic yarn that lets you zen out to your favorite color combinations without breaking the bank.


I personally love the mesh crochet construction that lets the garment drape alluringly over all different types of beautiful curves! Pattern is written in 3 sizes (Small, Medium, and Large) with options for customizing size, 9-17 color changes written into the instructions, and over 75 bright, clear tutorial photos. I really went nuts with the tutorial photos for this one! To compensate, I also have included a separate text-only PDF pattern version that won’t break your printer.

UPDATE: This design now includes a video tutorial for the shaping and joining rounds 8-12, live on my YouTube Channel – read more about it here!


Get colorful or bust some scraps with the detailed individually listed yardage requirements for each color included in the pattern.


Small: 24” Length, 16” upper arm circumference, 32” bust, 15” wide collar
Medium: 26” Length, 18” upper arm circumference, 38” bust, 15” wide collar
Large – 30” Length, 20” upper arm circumference, 42” bust, 16” wide collar

Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn! (#4 Medium Weight, 199 g / 355 yds per skein). 700-820 yds total, exact yardages for each color included.
5.00 mm hook
Stitch Markers
Scissors & Tapestry Needle

Written in US terminology

I’m really glad I had an excuse to buy that giant flower, because I’ve been eyeballing it at the craft store for months.


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    1. Thanks! The hair in these photos is a wig I got on clearance after last Halloween – I wish I could actually do those colors to my hair but unfortunately I can’t, lol 🙂 I’ve always wanted to dye my hair all kinds of crazy colors.

      1. Well it looks lovely on you as a change and matches the pull over perfectly. I’m waiting for my hair to go all white, and then it will be in rainbow colors, lol! But your real hair is much prettier.

  1. Hey kiddo!
    I absolutely love your mandala designs! They remind me of what I have worn since the 60’s and they really fit my likes! You even look like I did when I was young. I’m now 66 and still wear the “Stevie” stlye stuff! When you’re young you always think that things will change as you age but, you love what you love for your whole life. There’s just a lot of room to add more desires yarns and colors! I love your blogs and the photography is so clear that I can just zoom in and count the stitches. Keep up the passion and yarn power!
    Crochet on!
    Cat from San Diego

    1. Wow Cat, thank you so much for your kind words! Yay that just makes my day 🙂 🙂 Man you aren’t kidding about loving what you love your whole life, my family has been calling me a “flower child” and a “hippie” since I was a little kid, lol! I’m just glad I ended up getting to connect with so many kindred spirits through doing what I love <3

    2. You and me both! I have Stevie hair now too, about a foot longer than I ever managed to grow it when I was young. I’m 63 now. Regina’s designs take the best looks of that era and bring them into the now.

  2. Hi Flower Child!
    I have commented on your Flower Power designs before and told you how much you remind me of my sister when we were growing up in the 60’s. I’m so sorry that you missed them. Oh what a time it was! Your designs are spot on kiddo! Well done. I have already used the picture that you had posted a while back to make a Flower Power pullover for my sister. I’ve crocheted for 62 years, so if I can zoom in on good photography, I can make the item. So, my sister already has your darling sixties replica pullover. Thanks for keeping the era alive and well. You are really doing your generation (and mine) a real service and providing a real gift to them. I hope they know and appreciate it like I do.
    You’re really gifted kiddo!
    Never stop crocheting. I haven’t for six decades now. You’ll never loose that passion. It will be with you for life and only improve!!
    Peace kiddo,

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