Lotus Mandala Vest PDF Pattern is Here!

Thanks everyone who waited so patiently for me to produce the Lotus Mandala Vest pattern in PDF form: it’s finally out! I got a lot of very sweet comments from people about this pattern lately, and some questions included in this little FAQ page. Many wanted a version of the pattern they could print or view offline, and since I was planning to clean up this pattern’s writing anyway I decided to wait to release a PDF until I could make it nice and pretty and (most importantly) easier to understand.

So here it is! This PDF is available through my Etsy Shop, Ko-Fi Shop, and Ravelry! The pattern on the blog, however, will remain FREE, FOREVER – and has also been updated to the cleaned-up version.


My Lotus Mandala Vest pattern now in swanky PDF format! This new option includes extra tutorial photos, tips on adjusting size, and a print-friendly text-only version! Please note that the pattern will remain free on my blog, this option is just for those who want the portability and extra tutorial photos featured in the PDF version (or if you just love me and want to give me yarn money).

This bright crochet mandala vest is both visually appealing and simple to work with tons of tutorial photos and a detailed, written pattern. This vest is written in Free Size, which easily fits up to a 42″ bust, and tons of tips for customizing the size are included. This circular lace shawl has a smooth drape and swing-y ruffle to accent movement and looks right at home in any free-spirited outfit.

Yarn: Worked in Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton, but also looks fabulous in Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball!
Hook Size: 5.5 mm
All instructions are in US terms

It’s nice to be reminded of things when they were warm and green!

Thank you again to everyone who has posted their comments and tips and shared their beautiful projects for this design! You really make doing this so rewarding!


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    1. Uh oh, I’m not sure what is happening there, most people seem to be able to use it fine but there must be a glitch for you! If you ended up having to pay, let me know and I will e-mail you a free pattern to make up for it πŸ™‚ If you haven’t gotten it yet, I can e-mail you the PDF!

  1. Hello Regina :}
    So,so excited to do this …& have been for a while Yippie a PDF, can you tell me I’ve had it since you 1st gave the code, my Ravelry name is: bellatess,
    so can you help me??
    I’m not sure what to do, when I go to it..how do I print it out it just keeps taking me back to your blog ?? Ohhh and one last question.. I know your big on recycling yarn, but can you tell me if you think Red Heart Love would work, or Red Heart Boutique, Loin Brand Landscapes, I just wanna do them all! OK Thank You!!
    Blessings & Smiles ,

    1. Hi Theresa! So easiest question first, I would say that all three of those yarn choices would be lovely! I have seen others do this same design in both RH Boutique Unforgettable and Lion Brand Landscapes and the colors come out SO pretty, I haven’t used RH Love or seen it used for this design but I’ve used it in other patterns and I think it would work well also.
      As for getting the PDF pattern, if I’m understanding you right, you’re saying you’ve already got the pattern with the code when I first put it out? If that is the case, you can go to the tab that says “My Notebook” (up in the left hand corner right by the big Ravelry logo) and scroll down to “Purchases” and it should show you everything you’ve purchased (even if you got it with a freebie code). Go to the listing for the pattern and look at the column under the heading “receipt.” There should be a link labeled “downloads”. If you click on that link, it will take you to the page where you can download the PDF. If you’re still having problems after trying that just drop me a line at reginaalexisweiss(at)gmail.com and I will e-mail it to you directly!

  2. I’m confused. If i am not working any extra rounds…do i follow the row 17 marked 1or 17 alternate?

  3. I fall in love with this pattern! it is easy and beautiful at end result even I was not using the recommended yarns(actually i can’t find the particular yarn in Malaysia).
    This is my first crochet vest project, i made it for a friend and im going to make another one for myself !

  4. Have you ever done a tutorial on the Mandela vest pattern? I absolutely love this but I’m a visual learner. I need to see and hear instructions.

    1. Hi Shalini –
      I can’t say for sure how many chains to make extra for the armhole – I would recommend chaining just enough to make it a comfortable fit for you, then skipping extra chain spaces below by using a ratio of one chain space skipped for every three extra chains added to the armhole chain. Hope that helps!

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