Batty Kitty Sweater (Rar!)

So you know that feeling when you live in the Midwest in January and you don’t see the sun for like three weeks? And the sky just sort of spits rain on you constantly and everything is soggy and gray everywhere you look every day? Okay, maybe you don’t know that feeling, but I definitely do.

For me it’s a feeling of being morose and unmotivated and (apparently) listening to a lot of The Smiths while huddled in bed freezing because it’s really expensive to heat my cheaply constructed apartment. Clearly the only answer is a big, cocoon-like sweater, decked out with a hood and a front pocket so as much of you can disappear into it as possible!

The Patient Photographer got me a home photo studio and a set of funky backdrops as a gift! And of course, one of them was a big fat moon because he knows me.

This started out as a project to test the waters for a design I had in mind, but it kind of grew up to be its own thing as it went along – and it grew cat ears, too! Probably as a result of loving on so many people’s pink kitty hats recently. I also wanted to try out the trendy batwing / dolman sleeve / box sweater style, so I guess it could be a bat sweater too if spooky-cute animals are your thing (I freaking love bats).


No pattern for this baby, but I AM working on a new pattern design even though I am WAY behind schedule on it, because this semester is already killing me.

I CAN tell you that I did use 10 skeins of Jo-Ann Fabric’s brand Buttercream in Angel Hair, and it’s THE. SOFTEST. Combined with a 9.00 mm hook, this project was fast enough to do off the cuff in between homework, and since I was winging (ha) it, I no have to use me brain much. Which is good because it not work right.




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  1. Rawr! I love it! As you know, I love cats, but also bats. The sweater is the best of both worlds! We have tiny brown bats here, like mice with wings. The last place I lived, I could turn on the lights in the barn at night, and they would stream by me in a never ending circle. It was wild! I once went to brush a dry leaf off the wall in an outbuilding, and at the last second realized it was a snoozing bat! Ahhh good times, good times, lol. Lots of mosquitos here so bats are very useful members of the environment.

    1. Oh that sounds wonderful! When I was a kid, my friend and I would go out toward her parents’ old barn and throw bits of cat food up in the air and watch the bats swoop downward toward the moving object. They are such important creatures and they have adorable little faces to boot 🙂

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