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It was a pretty long haul – and many many hours worth of stitching – to get from conception of this pattern to the premier of the pattern itself. Thankfully my new fall design, the Shaman Coat Tunisian crochet pattern, combines some of my favorite attributes:

a.) fairly long stretches of simple stitching so I can zone out to a Netflix binge,

b.) magical design tweaks that look fancy but are simply executed, and

c.) yarn that keeps things interesting and surprising even when you’re doing the same thing over and over again.

You can get the pattern for the Shaman Coat here in my Etsy Shop , Ko-Fi Shop, or through my Ravelry Pattern Store!

UPDATE 8/2020: There is now a growing playlist full of Tunisian Crochet video tutorials over on the Morale Fiber YouTube channel – check it out!

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A warm, practical outerwear garment with a touch of magic! The Shaman Coat uses the unique structure of Tunisian crochet to create a gorgeous woven look that is eye-catching with any variegated yarn. Featuring a deep, draping oversized hood and cropped kimono-style sleeves, the Shaman Coat includes the pattern for sizes Small, Medium, and Large.

The entire main body of the garment is worked flat and completed with only two easy seams while the hood is picked up and worked flat with decrease shaping and then closed with a partial seam at the top.

Never worked Tunisian crochet before? The Shaman Coat pattern includes a Tunisian Primer, with photo and written tutorials for every single Tunisian technique needed to complete the pattern – including basic Tunisian crocheting itself. Learn something new AND look amazing!

Recommended yarn: 11-15 skeins of Lion Brand Amazing (#4, 147 yd/50 g, 53% wool, 47% acrylic)

Finished Measurements: Small (19″ w. 33″ h.) Medium (21″ w. 33″ h.) Large (25″ w. 33″ h.)


Size shown in photos is medium.

Another big bonus for this pattern is the super-luscious array of colorways the pattern yarn comes in – I recommend checking out the Lion Brand webpage to see the full range. I kinda want to make one in every single color. They’re not even paying me to say that.

Yarn colorways from left to right – Constellation (small), Arcadia (medium), Vineyard (large)

This one is dedicated to the motley group of trashpandas that I call my circle of best friends. You know who you are. <3



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  1. This is the pattern that convinces me to learn Tunisian Crochet. I’ve been meaning to learn it anyway, but I haven’t been inspired to make anything with it. This coat is the thing! Great work, Regina! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Now, off to Ravelry to buy the pattern. Maybe I can even get it done by next May before a certain camping trip. 😉

    1. OMgosh yes! And thank you! You will love Tunisian, as you both knit and crochet it will be like second nature to you. I like it because it’s a similar motion to knitting but you can’t really drop stitches 😛 Definitely let me know your opinion on the pattern!

  2. Can you help me modify this pattern to fit plus sizes? I need the burst to measure 50″ in the completed garment.

    1. No problem! So, if you look at the schematic you can see where the numbers are given in several different colors for the measurements. To increase the size of the garment, all you have to do is add rows on the longest part of the garment – the sizes for small, medium, and large are given by those numbers, but you can easily go above large by using the gauge to calculate how many extra rows you need. The largest size fits my gal pal who has a 48″ bust, so you shouldn’t need to add too many extra rows to make the bust 50″ (but keep in mind this is designed to be an open-front jacket, so if you want to add closures you might need to take that into account!) 🙂

  3. This looks like it could possibly be adjusted for plus size. Do you have any suggestions on the numbers..i absolutely love this and the hedge witch jacket.. any help you could give would be awesomeness lol. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous patterns

    1. Thanks Denise! This pattern is really easy to adjust to larger sizes – since it is worked flat from side to side, adjusting for more width across the torso is only a matter of adding extra repeats of the rows on the main body. The size Large fits my friend who is a plus size (I think she wears XL or XXL normally) but if you have a specific width requirement in inches, you can e-mail me at and I can help you calculate how many extra rows to add!

  4. Hi, I love your patterns! Was wondering how long the 15% off coupon code was going to be good for? I don’t get paid until Fridays. I’m going to purchase a few of your patterns, regaurdless of the discount, was just curious. You have amazing skills! Thank you for sharing them! I can’t wait to get started. Hardest part is going to be deciding. Which one to make first shaman coat,woodland wife,or hedge witch!

    1. Aww thanks Trish! The discount is good until the 31st of October, so you should be good to go! Thanks for supporting me – it’s all you super nice creative people out there that make designing stuff so rewarding 🙂

  5. Hi, just bought this pattern but the recommended wool is discontinued, do you have any alternatives to recommend?

    1. Hi Jakki! I like Lion Brand Ferris Wheel as a replacement for the Lion Brand Amazing recommended in the pattern, although it’s been a minute since I checked if the Ferris Wheel was still in production – hopefully it is! 🙂 It’s a good match for this project 🙂

  6. Hi Regina. I want to thank you profusely for this and all the free patterns you post on your blog. Before I found you, all I made was amigurumi and blankets. You also re-ignited my love for Tunisian crochet. The simple stitch was all I knew how to do for the longest time, and all I could make with it was scarves and blankets. Today I bought your three pattern bundle, and I am so looking forward to my new Priestess and Shaman coats.

    1. Wow Jacqueline, thank you so much for your kind words! 🙂 I am so happy you have enjoyed the patterns. I love Tunisian crochet especially and it makes me feel so accomplished to have inspired the love of it in others. Bless you!!

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