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I’m busily working away today on the upcoming new design, but I thought I’d take a break from that to do a little shameless self-promotion 😉  Halloween is only a month away, and as a fan of the fantastical I happen to have written a number of costume patterns!

Some are fancy creatures, some are fantastic characters, all of them can be completed before the ‘Eve. Here’s a list!


  1. Sylphie Crocodile Stitch Hat: This PAID pattern includes Adult, Child, and Baby sizes for this sweet croc stitch accessory, as well as an intro to croc stitch for those who have never worked it before. Follow the optional horn instructions for a dragon hat!
  2. Tunisian Fantasy Hood: I wrote this FREE pattern for my blog, and it seems to be a continued favorite – worked in Tunisian simple stitch, it uses bulky weight roving yarn for a thick barrier against the cold, but it looks great in worsted as well!
  3. Deer Hat: This PAID pattern has a special place in my heart because it is the first pattern I ever designed & sold. Thankfully I learned a lot since then and it has gotten a makeover or two! Worked using simple single crochet and amigurumi shaping techniques for the antlers and ears. Perfect for a cute and warm creature costume!
  4. Mermaid Mitts and Sandals: This PAID pattern includes directions for both the scaly fingerless gloves and the barefoot sandal equivalent. Appropriate for naiads, dryads, and a number of other wee folk costumes.
  5. Steampunk Ruffled Wristers: FREE pattern for a ruffled pair of buttoned wrist cuffs that look awesome with a top hat and goggle combo. Uses DK weight cotton blend yarn and satiny ribbon yarn.
  6. Candy Corn Baby Hat: FREE pattern for an easy candy corn hat for infants! Keep a li’l guy warm AND comfy with the post stitch brim that adds a little elasticity to the design.

Merry Costume Making to all! I personally do not know what I will be for Halloween yet, but something always comes to me in time.


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  1. love these!! I must admit I’m still totally clueless when it come to.Tunisian …which is odd since I can knit (very very verrryyy slloowwllyyy) it seems like it should.translate easily but.nope the first loading pass and then return but from there nope can’t figure it out lol I’m gonna have to.give it.another shot soon tho:)

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