Plus Size Sol Halter Top Pattern

Woohoo! After a long ride on the struggle bus, I have finalized the design for the Plus Size version of the Sol Halter Top and made the PDF available for purchase. I’m pretty pleased with the end result, and even more stoked on these beautiful photos I got of one of my best friends modeling it. She’s a badass 🙂

You can get the portable, printable, ad-free PDF crochet pattern in my Etsy Shop or my Ravelry Pattern Store now! Or read on for more details about this design…


This hot little halter top goes anywhere from beach to festivals to yoga class! The top is designed for coverage and comfort while still feeling free to be your awesome, sexy self.

The Sol Halter top is designed for a comfortable, supportive fit that still looks fashionable with any outfit. Looks awesome layered with flowing see-through blouses, denim shorts, or long tiered skirts for a cool bohemian style.

This is the Plus Size version of the original pattern, designed to fit cup sizes D to DD, with an adjustable band length of 48-50 inches total length but adjusts down as low as 34-35″ (also easy to make longer!).

Pattern includes detailed, step-by-step directions with stitch counts and tutorial photos.


Model: Danielle West


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