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Mandala Tops: A Revision


As a result of crocheting about a gazillion Mandala Tops since February, I’ve refined and enhanced the pattern into what I think is a much better looking design than my original. And of course, I massively overhauled the PDF to reflect this! I also expanded the drop sleeve add-on and paired it with another add-on with detailed instructions for extending the bottom to add length and flounce. Here’s the haps on those patterns:

UPDATE 6/2021: This pattern has been re-released on my blog for FREE!! You can still get the downloadable, portable, ad-free paid PDF version by following the links to my shop though 🙂

The Mandala Top

Available in my Etsy Shop , Ko-fi Shop, or Ravelry Pattern Store  – Not only does the new PDF include FOUR total sizes instead of three, it also got the two-column layout that makes it easier to read from mobile devices.

Also, the pictures are prettier!

The new sizing structure added a size one step up from Small, and all sizes now work the same proportion of increase rounds so that they are equally flounce-y! Here are the new sizes:

Small (same as the former pattern)
Medium (totally new size option)
Large (formerly the medium)
X-Large (formerly the large)

This size structure just make more sense to me, since there was quite a jump in size from small to medium and I received a lot of requests to do something in between. So there we have it, onward and upward…

The Drop Sleeves & Dress Extension

The pattern formerly known as the Hippie Heaven Drop Sleeves was revamped to include instructions for all sizes as well as nicer photos and the same two-column layout. More importantly, I paired it with all-new instructions on extending the hem of the original top in any size to add length and flair! These two different customization options are available in the same PDF listing as my Mandala Top in my Etsy Shop and Ravelry Pattern Store.

As always, I welcome any questions about my patterns through any of my social media channels!


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