After Another Week in the Woods

Holy moly! The good vibes were abound in my latest festival adventure – it’s been a few years since I truly vended (as in I had my own fully stocked booth and manned it). Months of dedicated stitching really paid off as I got to make new friends, trade for treasures, and talk about art with so many beautiful people. I am so thankful for all the appreciation of my work and grateful that I came away with the capital to keep growing my business and spreading yarny love.

Even with the time it took to work the booth I still was able to catch up with friends old and new, enjoy the tunes of the circling musical caravan and other impromptu jam sessions, see one of my favorite bands the always-amazing Keshvar Project.

As usual after a gathering with so many talented and amazing folks, I am bursting with ideas for new projects and designs! I guess it’s a blessing that after camping for a week I am more than ready to get my fingers around some fiber again.

Hope you all also had a fun and sunny Memorial Day weekend!


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