Mehndi Halter Top Pattern

Merry May Day friends! I have a new pattern for you today. Some of you may remember the Bindu Recycled Sweater bikini pattern “recipe” I published on the blog last summer – this new pattern is something of a mash-up between the Sol Halter Top and the Bindu design.

I altered the bindu border to fit the yarn weight and overall look of the halter top, and the main body has more in the way of coverage and comfort. This paid pattern comes with all the great features of my other buyable patterns – detailed instructions, tutorial photos, charts, and stitch counts included!

You can get the PDF for this crochet pattern in my Ravelry Pattern Store , Ko-Fi Shop, or Etsy Shop!

Enough talking, lets see some pictures…


The Mehndi Halter Top pattern draws inspiration from the thick lotus petal motifs, linework, and dot borders in traditional henna design. Made in bright #4 weight cotton yarn, this pom-pom fringed top makes a unique addition to dance costumes, festival wear, or your next beach adventure!

Size Small fits A to lower B cup sizes, Medium fits upper B to C cups. The band size is 20” at the bottom of the halter plus 12” for each tie, adding up to 44”.
Update 6/2022: The listing for the Mehndi Halter top now includes BOTH the original sizes and the Plus sizes. The Plus Size version is designed for bigger busts, utilizing a cross-back tie for adjustability and comfort. The band size is 26” at the bottom of the halter with a height of 10″ from top of cups to bottom of the halter (not including the trim). The cross-back ties are 55″ and thread through loops at the side, taking the weight off of the back of the neck as with traditional halter tops.




Model: Lainy Clayton

I’m so excited for summer – I’ve got patterns out the wazoo planned for you guys!

Happy yarning,


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  1. I love this! Perfectly boho. And in my favorite color! I just promised myself to finish my to do list before taking on another project, but this is seriously tempting me!

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