Mandala Tops are coming…

I’ve been all over the place lately, both in my crochet escapades and also in my schoolwork – but not, unfortunately, geographically. This time last year I was enjoying the bright sun of New Mexico and looking forward to the Orlando trip in March, but this year it’s all homework and cabin fever. But a girl can dream!


I’ve started obsessively making my Mandala Tops again, imagining outdoor gatherings and warm nights and drumming with friends. This one’s a sweet neutral take on the design, for a western-inspired festival style. I’ve started to add 2-3 more rows to the bottom, because I’m enjoying the extra “oomph” it adds to make a more girly, A-line shape.

I know, that belt is awesome.

The pattern (which includes 4 different sizes) can be purchased in my Etsy Shopย or through Ravelry. You get all 4 sizes in one pattern for only 5.50 USD (but my Facebook followers know of a special deal going on currently, hint hint). But enough about me… check out this killer Mandala Top made by Raveler hyleoroii (shared with permission of course).


Love that mirrored photo! I’m also really mega proud that one of my personal real-life heroes wore one of my Mandala Top creations to her Art Gallery showing last fall:


A bit blurry, but you can see Lisa’s mosaic window in the background. She does stunning mosaic work, beautiful tie-dye and patchwork, and even made her own coloring book from her lovely nature-spirituality inspired drawings. What a woman!


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  1. Love this! I just purchased the same pattern and I’m making my first top from it. I’d love to extend the length as you did here. Did you just repeat the last couple rows but just around the hemline?

    1. Basically, yes! To make it extra frilly like you see here, I add another round of increasing and then a few more rounds. I have the written instructions in a separate Add-On Pattern (called the Mandala Top Drop Sleeves and Dress Extension) which is a purchase pattern, but it’s not too difficult to figure it out on your own!

  2. LOVE this pattern! Love all your patterns! I didn’t see the special “hint” on your Facebook page. I’m willing to purchase the pattern at full price, Where is it priced at $5.50? Curiousity
    Adore your work! Been collecting your patterns.

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