Mermaid Mitts + Sandals Crochet Pattern

After a short spell of warmer temperatures, I was finally able to get the pictures I wanted to finish up this pattern, and all in a weekend when the homework wasn’t too pressing.

It’s the Mermaid Mitts + Sandals crochet pattern, which is really 2 patterns in one! Find it in my Etsy Shop or my Ravelry Store for 5.50 USD.


Frequent readers of this blog may recognize the style of the mitts, which I had been doing  knit/crochet hybrid variations of last fall. However these Mermaid Mitts are more elegant in shape and are 100% crochet stitching.

The scaly barefoot sandals are a fun land-bound adaptation of the ever-popular crochet mermaid tail blanket. My sweet enabling friends must have shown me one picture or another of that blanket at least ten times last year! No wonder I had mermaids on the brain.


Mermaid Mitts + Sandals

Fanciful beaded crochet accessory set suitable for any mermaids, undines, or sirens that might journey onto land in search of a mortal to ensnare…

This pattern makes one pair of scaly elbow-length or half-length armwarmers and one pair of beaded barefoot sandals. Includes tutorials for crocodile stitches and beaded crochet.

3.75 hook
1 skein Vicki Howell Sheepish
26 6/0 seed beads
beading needle
tapestry needle

Written in U.S Terminology


Suitable not only for mermaids, undines, and naiads, but also dryads, nymphs, sylphs, and all other manner of fae and little folk! To see tons more pictures, visit the Ravelry project page.

After some recent experience trying to read my own patterns off of my smartphone, I decided to try and make my patterns more mobile-friendly. This pattern got a new two-column layout as a result – Let me know what you think!



13 thoughts on “Mermaid Mitts + Sandals Crochet Pattern

    • Thank you! The pattern is available through my Etsy Shop or my Ravelry store – the links are in the second paragraph, before the first picture. If you clicked on the Ravelry project page, the link to the pattern would have been in the sidebar (hard to find on that one!)

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