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It’s cold! And rainy! Possibly snowy depending on where you live! How about wrapping up in this cute pixie hooded cowl, available in my Ravelry Store and Etsy Shop now?





If you can chain, single crochet, and double crochet, you can make this fabulous convertible cowl! With a deceptively simple stitch pattern and a few quick construction elements, even beginners can work this stylish wardrobe staple. Wear it four different ways ā€“ stitch it in two different yarn weights ā€“ paint it in endless color combinations! Great for gift-giving, stashbusting, and just plain looking sweet.

Though it can be used by anybody, this pattern is written specifically for use by beginners and easy-level crocheters ā€“ I wanted to offer a high-quality, clear pattern that is also unique and interesting for beginners to make! The pattern includes a quick-reference list of abbreviations for ease of pattern reading and phototutorials with step-by-step instructions.

The Rhiannon Convertible Hooded Cowl is long enough to wear as a small wrap vest, while the leaf motif drawstring can convert it to a closed, deep-hooded capelet look. The open ended front has enough room to double up the cowl around your neck for extra warmth, and the back of the hood comes to a sweet but subtle point.


If you are a fan of crocheted stuff, art yarns, or handpainted rovings, maybe you should check out my Etsy shop too?



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    1. Hi Tish! You need to have both patterns in your cart when you check out, then Ravelry deducts the price of the free pattern. No worries though, I will e-mail the free pattern to you!

  1. thank you for the patterns! they’re gorg. NOW, potentially stupid question: i have a bunch of skeins of super bulky yarn that would be perfect colors for the rhiannon cowl. i am determined to try to make it work in spite of the size difference. do you have any tips? as a more experienced fiber artist, do you have any guesses as to how much bigger it might wind up?

    1. Not stupid at all! I actually tried to make this pattern with a super bulky yarn when I first started developing it, but the yarn I used was too stiff and it ended up not draping well – so my first recommendation is to make a large-ish swatch with your yarn and test to see what kind of drape it has – if it seems stiff, then the garment won’t drape like it’s supposed to. After you have your gauge, converting the pattern should only be a matter of a few math probems – there’s a simple breakdown of how to convert a pattern to your own gauge here: http://www.cara4webshopping.com/convert_patterns.html
      The formula is says knitting but it would be the same for crochet. The total length measurements for the pattern are listed on the info page of the pattern, so you should be able to plug in your gauge numbers and the length and width of the cowl to figure out how long to make the base chain (but remember that the length given is the length for the base chain when it is FOLDED, so you’ll have to double that number).
      Out of curiosity, what yarn are you wanting to use? šŸ˜€

      1. thank you so much! i wasn’t really sure how to use gauge converters so that definitely helps. i’ll run those numbers tomorrow and i’ll be sure to let you know how it turns out!

        the yarns are buttercream’s alpaca solid in purple, green, and taupe, and i’ll probably throw a little bit of thick & quick in as well!

      2. Sounds really pretty.. I’ve been eyeballing the buttercream line but I have yet to play with any – I’d love to see how it turns out! If you’re mixing yarns, I would recommend making a gauge swatch for both kinds, and if they gauge differently, use the larger one more toward the later rows rather than the earlier, so it accentuates the subtle increasing rather than counteracting it. Thanks for the awesome feedback!

    1. I’m sorry, the promo listed in this post was for last year, not this year – I will take that down right away. If you would provide an e-mail address or e-mail me at reginaalexisweiss(at)gmail.com, I will send you a free pattern of your choice to make up for it! Sorry about the confusion šŸ™‚

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