Hippie Heaven Drop Sleeves

In a spat of full moon madness I worked all evening to bring out the pattern for the Hippie Heaven Drop Sleeves a week early! This is a pattern add-on for my Mandala Top, with instructions for making these heavenly winged sleeves with a devil-may-care dropped shoulder. See what I did there? Pretty good eh?

UPDATE 6/14/16 – This pattern has been revamped! To get the latest info on the Mandala Top Drop sleeves and the related patterns, see this post.

I brought it out early because I really love the soft neutrals touched with sparkly metallics that Caron Simply Soft is putting out right now and I think it would be pretty to wear to a holiday gathering layered with a black top and tights. If you feel sassier, there’s a bright red in that same brand and style! It’s affordable too, because you guys know by now that I save my splurging for spinning supplies.

You can get the add-on for 5.50 USD through Ravelry or Etsy.

Here’s the official rundown:

Don’t let cold weather chase away your bohemian vibes. These sweet angel-wing drop sleeves make a pretty addition to the Mandala Top Pattern and look great in neutral tones layered with long sleeves, denim or leggings and ankle boots.

This pattern is for the sleeves ONLY and is an add-on to Morale Fiber’s Mandala Top for small and medium sizes. I did not write instructions for large sizes but I can probably help a savvy crocheter figure it out if asked!

Yarn Needed: 4 skeins of Caron Simply Soft Party makes the entire small or medium top plus sleeves!

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about any of my artwork or patterns.
)0( MF )0(

Full Gallery:

Oh, and that matching headband I’m sporting is the Genius Headband, a sweet little free pattern from The Lovely Crow.

Happy Thanksgiving to you United States types! I’ll be celebrating by spending way too much time in the car. If only I had some sort of portable hobby that I can do for hours on end without wanting to stop…

Stay safe.



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