Ravelry Projects Episode 1!

I was really excited to discover some photos of projects made from my patterns posted on Ravelry recently, and I couldn’t wait to share them here. I adore Ravelry for supplying the ability for fiber artists to connect and share notes, patterns, and tips and tricks with each other, as well as show off their work. If you’re not on Ravelry yet, try it out! And if you are, and you make things from my patterns, I would love to see them and share them here (with permission of course). So here’s the first episode in what I hope will be a series of Ravelry project posts of Morale Fiber patterns…

First up is tammyc77’s Morale Fiber Lotus Throw, a version of my free pattern where she squares up the circular motif to awesome effect! To be honest, this looks better than the original. Nice job!
TammyLotus TammyLotus2

Then there’s Queenie74’s Into the Woods, a version of my Woodsman’s Wife Ruana, made with regular weight Homespun instead of Homespun Thick & Quick – she has great notes on the changes written on her project page if you’d rather work with bulky weight instead of super bulky. In fact, I might try that out since I have a few skeins of Homespun on the ol’ yarn wall.

(*to self* Yeah right MF, after you finish the 90 other things you are supposed to be doing.)
QueenieRuana2 QueenieRuana

Plus look at that beautiful shawl pin!

Have you got Ravelry projects made from my patterns? Post them and send them to me!


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