Shrooms ‘n’ Sales

A busy (but productive) Friday morning during my fall break means more shop listings and sales and fun stuff!

Painted Desert 8

First off there’s a SALE on my Painted Desert mega long scarf/wrap – $20 bucks OFF! It’s just too cozy and pretty to sit alone in my storage this autumn.

I also finally added a few of my favorite projects to the shop: mushroom medicine bags / lighter keepers. I’ve been making these for years and I just love them – they are perfect for holding your lighters, pocket money, or any other small items you like to keep handy.

MorelBag3 ShroomBag4 MorelBag5 Amanita1

And those pretty falltones I was playing with turned into a very special pair of elbow-length fingerless gloves, the “Avalon Armwarmers.”


As a young teenager I fell in love with Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Mists of Avalon and have re-read it several times since, as well as the subsequent novels in the series. These gloves have that silvery, ethereal quality I imagined her Isle of Avalon to have..


I’ve also got yet another new pattern in the works, one that I developed out of necessity for my Halloween costume (which as usual I am doing DIY). But you’ll just have to wait and see!



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