Mandala Top Pattern Release Sale!

Today is the day!

I’ve been working frantically on creating these Mandala Tops, and the pattern that accompanies them, since my friends started requesting them in May. I have worked this pattern over and over again, in all three sizes, as well as creating charts, editing photos, and revising the design until I was completely satisfied with it.

UPDATE 6/14/16 – This pattern has been revamped! And to avoid confusion, I’ve curtailed the old description that was on this post. To get the latest info on the Mandala Top and the pattern add-ons, see this blog post.




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    1. That depends on your measurements – this garment has a lot of ease (it stretches and drapes to accommodate for body size differences) so if your bust is bigger than or even with your waist measurement, I would go with a Medium. The pattern includes instructions for all three sizes, so even if a medium doesn’t work on you, you already have the instructions to try out a large. Hope that helps!

  1. I love this pattern! Thank you for making it available for purchase. I am glad Moogly connected me to your work.

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