Bird Priest


WIP basket cleaning is something that I assume every fiber artist has faced with fear and dread at some point in their lives. Projects that have frustrated too much, or ones that didn’t hold the artist’s interest enough, or that simply got pushed aside for other WIPs languish in the basket or pile until you simply can’t stand to look at them anymore. And then decisions have to be made.

To finish? To frog? Or to remain in yarn limbo?

This week has been all about cleaning up my WIPs. I had around 10-13, depending on what you count as “in progress.” One of them was the original piece for my free pattern, Tunisian Crochet Fantasy Hood, one that was complex and involved a lot of random yarns – a poor visual model for a free pattern because it was so hard to tell what was going on in the rows, and the shape and construction were obscured by the crazy yarns.

When I started this, I essentially gazed at my yarn wall and just started grabbing any smaller ball that needed used up, and then selected more stringently to form a color scheme (of sorts).


Tunisian simple stitch is composed of two parts per row: forward pass and backward pass. I worked with one color on the forward pass and dropped it off at the end of the row, then picked up a different color for the backward pass. At one point I had at least 6 or 7 small balls attached to this thing.

These are just the ones attached on the left side of the work.

These are just the ones attached on the left side of the work.

To put it mildly, things got kind of tangle-y, so I shoved everything into a plastic bag and abandoned it until a few days ago.

I severed a few of the colors out of mercy toward myself and finished the main body, then assembled it with a whip stitch, adding a border to neaten up the sides where I had carried along all the yarn.


Wrapping the working color with the dormant colors to carry them up the side before starting the backward pass.

With the addition of a handmade ceramic button, a double chained button loop, and two i-cords, this thing is ready to get out of my WIP pile!

Tunisian Pixie Hood 2

I called it “Bird Priest” after a favorite song of mine that I happened to be listening to when I started it. It’s squashy and thick and warm, as tunisian simple stitch fabric is wont to be, and the stitch pattern does absolutely dreamy weavy things to all that scrap yarn.

Tunisian Pixie Hood 6

My problem with finishing WIPs is… now I want to start approximately 10 more of these.  As I have mentioned before, this is the chaotic and cyclical nature of artistic endeavors.

Tunisian Pixie Hood 7

And we love to do it. So that’s not much of a problem, really.



7 thoughts on “Bird Priest

  1. This is very nice….looks like a woven piece. I guess I’m going to have to give in and learn that Tunisian stitch after all…something I promised myself I would do this year.

    Nice work!


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  3. Ahhh the pesky UFO’s and WIP’s I am on a mission to sort through them all but I keep starting new projects – oops. I love your hood and your dancing, I’d be too embarrassed too. I love your double yarn approach to Tunisian rows.


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