Yarn Yantra Color Meditation


It was by special request from my friends that I came to design a yarn mandala coverup pattern. My first attempt was moderately successful, but with each attempt I further refined my pattern and method, and found that I had become addicted to making these things! Playing with color is one of the best parts of working with fiber in my opinion – and working with the parameters of color suggested by my friends, I had even more fun because I was pushed to do palettes that were outside those to which I normally gravitate.

Speaking of color, have you ever tried Colour Lovers? I’m addicted. Every artist should know about this website! I have stayed hypnotized playing with color there for hours.

The next “Yarn Yantra” as I called them was a custom piece for the friend who originally requested them:

Crochet Mandala Tunic 2


I am blessed to have so many talented friends, as my next one was done for a lovely woman named Lisa, an inspiring artist who excels in tie-dye, mosaics, painting, and sewing. This color combination was influenced by her tie-dye work:

Lisa Tie Dye

Crochet Mandala Tunic 5

Crochet Mandala Tunic 4

And the next for Heather, a bad-ass homesteading woman. She suggested this palette, and the colors reminded me of a Yellowstone sulfur pool.


Crochet Mandala Tunic 6

Crochet Mandala Tunic 7

Lastly one I did strictly for the fun of combining the colors, from this palette I worked with on Colour Lovers:

Crochet Mandala Tunic 9

Crochet Mandala Tunic 8

Too. Much. Fun!

EDIT: I eventually worked out all the kinks in the design and released the pattern for this – the Mandala Top, available in 4 sizes 🙂  Check the link for the latest info on that!


15 thoughts on “Yarn Yantra Color Meditation

  1. I can definitely see you evolving as you make an increasing number of these gorgeous mandala coverups.
    The colours are vibrant and yes, they allow you to try mixes you have never tried before. That is the beauty of custom orders, you are pushed outside your comfort zone.
    I used to be a strictly earth toned gal, now, I have expanded to BRIGHT tones. I oft mix the two palettes which pleases me greatly.
    I enjoyed the references to your inspiration.


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