“Bonfires” Crochet Earrings Refashion


I’ve probably had these earrings for oh… 10 years or so.  I have no idea where I got them, but I know that I have worn the shit out of them, and it shows. The poor things have been relegated to a permanent spot on my earring tree, both because they were tarnished and because my style has changed a bit since I was twenty (not much, but a bit.)

Like many conundrums in life, this one was solved by applying yarn.

I used a chart that’s been floating around on my crochet Pinterest board for this specific purpose, originally from Folli Passioni. So let’s give these poor hoops a makeover.

I used a 2.75 mm hook and some leftover Vanna’s Choice Glamour (a #2 weight yarn also seen in my Filigree Lace Cap pattern) because I love it, but #5 crochet thread would look lovely as well. You could even get really crazy and add some beads.

I had to modify the design a bit, because these hoops were pretty big. I extended the amount of single crochet stitches in the base layer of the motif to 60…

Crochet Earrings 1

… and added more ch-6 loops. The final row of the motif remained the same configuration as the chart shows, just extended to include the additional loops.


So a rough guideline would go like this:

(The real step one is to make sure that the RS will end up facing out for each earring – for a 3-row motif like this one, the side facing you at the start should be the side that will face “outward” when you are wearing it, not “inward” toward your neck)

1. Sc a base around your hoop (make sure your number allows you to center the motif properly)
2. Turn and slip stitch a few stitches at the edges. I slip stitched five and left five unworked stitches at the other end.
3. Work your loops, again making sure the number of loops allows you to center the “point” of the motif (The dc, ch-6, dc shown on the chart)
4. Turn and work the shaping round, finish off and weave in all ends.

After completing the pattern on both earrings (probably took me about a half an hour, tops! So quick!) I wove in the ends and found a spare piece of cardboard. The essential final step in creating crocheted jewelry – blocking!

Crochet Earrings 2

All you need is straight pins, spray starch, and something to sink your pins into. I use a big ol’ can of Faultless spray starch that I got for $9 at the hobby store. It works great but… next time I will get scentless. My boyfriend and roommate jointly decided that this stuff smells “like old lady vagina.” MOVING ON.

Lay out your piece and pin it into the shape you want, making sure to emphasize your points and straighten any curls in your motif, then give it a layer of spray starch and let dry. You will probably need at least two coats – I did. Make sure you turn the piece over and spray the other side, too.

After four spray-and-dry sessions, these hoops are ready to swing again.

Crochet Earrings 4-MF


4 thoughts on ““Bonfires” Crochet Earrings Refashion

  1. You are a noble upcycler Regina!
    I used to rock hoop earrings many moons ago, yet mine were tossed to the opshop or in the bin. This was before we had recycling bins here in Australia and before I was a true upcycler.
    I do like the mustard tone and from what I can see of your tonings, it offsets you in a lovely way.
    If I see any friends go to throw away their hoops, I will direct them to your post. I will share it now anyway because it really is a great idea!

    Liked by 1 person

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