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Pattern Gallery: The Basket Collection


Are you being crowded out of your own life by piles of junk? I know I was.

That point was driven home, in fact, when my closet shelf collapsed under the weight of my junk, spreading books and clothes and fabric aaaaaaaall over the bedroom floor. I knew it was time to cut down.

Messages of “simple living” and “de-clutter your closet” have been all the rage lately, with people living in garden sheds and owning three items with ninety-five different purposes.  To which I usually say “No goddamn thank you.”

I like complicated living, and piles of junk that I can make stuff out of, and clutter that I can just generally roll around in with an ecstasy of creative potential. But with the closet nearly caving in, I had to take at least one leaf out of the Simple Life Evangelists’ book.

I said goodbye to several garbage bags full of junk that day.

So the things that were left after this devastation of simplification got organized, inspiring the following gallery of patterns for things to put other things in.

Simple Crochet Mini Basket Pattern from Just Be Crafty – Anything smaller than usual is automatically adorable. FREE!

Stash Basket from Yarnspirations – Free! Because putting your yarn in a container made of yarn is so meta.

Hemp Basket from Craft Passion – I love the natural look of this hemp basket, plus the pattern is free!

Diamond Trellis Basket from Make My Day Creative – Crochet basket with some definite flair!  Also free.

Partial Shades Plant Hanger from Morale Fiber – Organize your plants too!  Free from me.

These free patterns should get you started on making some sweet, sweet sense out of your clutter.


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