The Trashion Refashion Show

College towns such as the one I live in, even in a conservative state like the one I live in, tend toward the pretty liberal and even slightly crunchy. I’d say that Bloomington, Indiana, while not qualifying as “anywhere in Oregon” level of crunchy, at least does a pretty good job of keeping the weird, alternative, feminist, artistic, eco-hippie spirit alive. For instance, last weekend I had the pleasure of watching two women dance around in homemade dresses with old cell phones, socks, and stuffed animals sewn onto their clothing.

Yep, it was time for the annual Trashion Refashion show, put on by the wonderful people at the Center for Sustainable Living. As an all-inclusive fundraising event for CSL, anyone could design or model clothes either A) Made of other unwanted clothes or B) Made of garbage.

All ages, all body types, and all affiliations are welcome, making this one of the most eclectic, and therefore most entertaining events I have ever seen in Bloomington. I documented the Refashion portion as well as I could (excuse the slightly blurry photography) for your enjoyment, too. Unfortunately my camera battery ran out during the first part of the “Trashion” show, so I didn’t get shots of all the lovely garbage outfits made out of materials like plastic wrap, wood shavings, duct tape, and Kevlar.

Enjoy the slideshow! (click to enlarge)


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