Stone Cold Charming

Does anyone else here have a Magpie-like tendency to grab shiny objects and stow them away?

Tiny animal charms, small bells from wedding decorations, bits of broken jewelry (sometimes my own, sometimes from things I have found on the ground), smooth rocks… all stacked in old tea caddies and desk organizer trays in my drawers, on my shelves, and who knows where else. Because they’re pretty. Because they’re interesting. Because eventually they would be useful.

And today they were. Warning: I went pic-heavy on this as GTFO. Because nothing is more interesting than pictures of rocks.

Crochet Stone Cover 3

Easy Crocheted Stone Necklace Tutorial

Stone Charm 1

Supplies Needed:

Lace weight yarn or Size 5, 10, or 20 crochet thread

Hook: 3.25, 2.75, or 2.10

Round flattish stone, 1″ to 1 1/2″ diameter

Small charms or beads

Tapestry needle, embroidery needle.

Start with your 3.25 hook and the lace weight yarn – later when you feel more confident in your stone-wrapping skills, you can move on to the tiny hook and thread.

Stone Charm 2

Rnd 1: Starting with a long yarn tail, Ch 6. Sc into the 6th ch from the hook. (Ch 5, sc in the same st) 4 times. Ch 2, dc in the same st. Leave tail hanging out from the center of the motif on the Right Side. (as show below in the Rnd 2 photo)

Crochet Stone 3

Rnd 2: (Ch 6, sc in the next ch-5 space) 5 times. Ch 3, treble in the top of the dc of the next ch-space.

Crochet Stone 4

At this point you should test the fit of your stone. The loops should reach about one third to one half of the way up the stone unstretched with the “bottom” or fattest end resting in the center of the “flower” motif. Since every stone is different and so is every crocheter, you may have to adjust your pattern to fit the stone better. Add a repeat of Round 2 or subtract it altogether to make the net smaller or larger. Since it’s a very small, quick motif, experimenting doesn’t take too long, but it does take some patience. Once you are satisfied, take your stone back out and continue with the next round.

Rnd 3: Ch 4 – counts as dc + 1. (Dc in the top of the next ch-space, ch 1) 5 times.

Crochet Stone 5

Before joining the end of this round, take your stone and slip it into the net, bottom centered against the middle of the motif. Join Rnd 3 to the 3rd ch of beginning ch-4 with a slip stitch, making sure to tighten securely. The net of the motif should be stretched almost to the top of the stone. Tug it into place, keeping the center of the motif aligned with the bottom.

Crochet Stone 6

Rnd 4: Ch 1. (Single crochet in the next ch-1 space) 6 times. Join with a slip stitch to the first sc of the round.

Crochet Stone 7

You should have a ring of 6 sc at the very top of your stone. Skip 2 stitches. Insert your hook in the next stitch, work a sc. *** In the bar at the side of the single crochet stitch (the outside loop, at the base) insert your hook and draw up loop. Yo and draw through two loops on the hook – 1 double chain stitch made. For a photo-tutorial on the Double Chain stitch, click here.

***If you prefer to work regular chain stitches for the cord, skip the rest of the paragraph. I prefer double chain as it is sturdier, prettier, and more elastic.

Crochet Stone 8

Double chain 120 – 150 stitches (depending on how long you want your cord to be – just make sure it will fit over your head) and join back at the base stitch without twisting. This forms your cord. Cut yarn.

Crochet Stone 9

Move to the base of your stone, where you left the long beginning tail hanging. Thread your embroidery needle or tapestry needle with this tail and sew on your charm or beads.


Weave in your tails with a tapestry or embroidery needle and you’re finished! This is a beautiful way to keepsake stones from your travels or from places special to you.
I made my next one with a similar weight yarn but smaller hook, and a beach stone…

Crochet Stones Cover 2
And after that I felt confident enough to move on to using Lizbeth size 20 crochet and tatting thread and the dreaded 2.10 hook.

Be careful… these might become addictive.


Crochet Stone 15


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  1. Very clever! When I read that sentence about nothing being more interesting than photos of rocks, I thought, er . . . but this is a great tutorial! I might have to go find me some pretty rocks! Thanks!

  2. I love shiny and pretty things big time, as I know that some of my projects will require some bells and whistles at various times. It almost feels safe knowing that I have my super bower bird stash lol
    Thank you a mammoth amount for this tutorial. I have never thought to do this, which is surprising as I have crocheted over small rocks to use as paper weights.
    These necklaces will make some lovely gifts for my friends.

  3. have you tried frying marbles yet? I found a 1970 craft …what could be better? you end up with a marble shattered on the inside the catches sunlight.better than any diamond…I made a zillion crochet necklaces around those babies…wonder where they all went lol

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