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Again with the documenting old stuff. This time it’s crocheted T-shirt rugs, in three different flavors…




I made all of these small-ish circular-ish accent rugs by crocheting around strips of upcycled cotton t-shirt. The method of using worsted weight yarn to crochet around the t-shirt is a lot more effective, time saving, and economic than just trying to crochet the t-shirt yarn itself. I have tried to crochet t-shirt yarn. My wrist and arm end up screaming and the product is bulky and unwieldy, plus you need like a zillion t-shirts to finish one decent sized rug.

This way is flatter, prettier, and doesn’t give me carpal tunnel (much).

Update! I have available tutorials for this method now, see these posts for the free tips!:
T-Shirt Rug Tutorial
T-Shirt Rug Video Tutorial


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