Extra Long Convertible Wrap – “Painted Desert”

Painted Desert 5

The debut of a piece I’ve had stuffed in my bin of finished projects for over a year! I was finally able to get out and photograph this thing the way it deserves – with help of course from the resident fashion assistant, Chaston. “Painted Desert” is a super long convertible wrap, knit in layers of variegated boucle yarn and recycled sweater yarn, with a gradation of colors designed after the gorgeous geology of the American southwest.

Painted Desert 4

This thing was so long when I knit it that I actually snapped a knitting needle in half trying to cram the stitches onto the needle (I didn’t own circular needles at the time). Granted, it was a vintage plastic needle, but still… It was a tense hour afterward trying to transfer all those stitches onto a different needle without dropping one!

Painted Desert 7

The structure is one loooooooong rectangle stitched into a giant loop, topped with six horn-shaped toggle fastenings on one side. This allows the wearer to adjust the piece to hang in a myriad of different ways – poncho style, belted shawl, infinity scarf, and more.

Painted Desert 8

Length: 91 inches laid flat

Width: 19 inches

Visit my Portfolio page for the full photo gallery for this piece.

Lately I’ve been turning my attention to documenting my backlog of projects, but I’ve got a few tutorials and new patterns in the works as well, so stay tuned. In the meantime you should check out my Pinterest boards for other awesome projects relating to knit, crochet, sewing, and refashioning ❤

Painted Desert 6



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