Sweater Hack: Psycho-faerie

Sweater Restyle Before

This particular shrug-style sweater has been languishing in a pile for over a year.  I picked it up at a thrift store because of it’s pretty, cozy feel (it has wool and mohair content) but I can see why the original owner abandoned it… it had been shrunk in the washer. If knitting shrank proportionally, this wouldn’t have been a problem as it would have fit me perfectly – but you see, it doesn’t. So what I had here what a really awesome feeling sweater that just never would sit quite right on my body – it would hang in wonky ways or fall off my shoulders.

Then one day I thought that this thing had the potential to look so much more… insane.


Maybe there was some way I could meld four skeins of Red Heart “Magical” that I got on super-clearance to this sweater! This was a novelty yarn that changes radically throughout the skein, going from sparkly blue ribbon to teal boucle to fuzzy thick-and-thin yarn. I’m a sucker for teal.

I originally bought this yarn just because I got such a great discount on it. When I actually looked at it, I wasn’t thrilled – the colors and textures were fun, but there was nothing I could make with this stuff that would actually look nice on a real person. The solution of course was to make something that looked crazy on an imaginary person, and thus “Psycho-faerie” was born.

Sweater Restyle After

Lookin’ all Slash fabulous.

As I went this project obtained Gravity – that tendency of some projects to pull in other supplies and ideas into its orbit. I started adding other yarns that matched, bringing in ribbon, even hand-spinning a primitive-look ball of roving I had into a yarn for the collar and trim. As for the fit of the original shrug, all that extra yarn tugged it into place, forcing it to drape rather than stick out or fall off.

Sweater Refashion After 2

This sweater hack was fun, like finger-painting. I didn’t have to worry about making things look neat and tidy, because that was the opposite of the concept I was trying to create. It was supposed to be messy! If you are a stitcher of any sort, I highly recommend take a break from Neat and Tidy if you haven’t in a while. Do something that does not involve stitch counting or gauge, or even pattern. Take time to play. That’s what this art thing is all about, right?





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