Harry Potter and the Chamber of Your Shameful Amount of Yarn

Recently got back from my trip to Universal Studios Orlando, and I don’t mind telling you I’m completely over plane rides for this year – although there’s no better place to people watch than an airport in my opinion.

Why Universal Studios, you ask? Because Harry Potter World, that’s why. And I was delighted to find this little nod toward fiber enthusiasts in one of the windows of Diagon Alley…

Self - Knitting Needles

Of course there’s no fun in needles that knit by themselves (magic or machinery, that’s just a textile factory) but it’s cute all the same.

As previously discussed, I have a problem throwing things away. On a scale that goes like this:

Normal -> Sentimental -> Pack Rat -> Hoarder -> Buried alive in a mound of your own bullshit

I’m a pack-rat-aspiring-to-hoarder. So of course my neat-o trunk themed Harry Potter World cardboard box had to become something.

Tutorial 001

The following is less like a tutorial and more like pictures of me stabbing things with knitting needles. So grab a needle and stab along! It feels so good. You know you’ve always wanted to stab somebody something with these.

I needed what is called a Lazy Kate for my drop spindles – a little thing that lets you easily unwind the yarn from a spindle onto something else.  Fortunately the Harry Potter trunk box was about the perfect size for this, and also had a graphic on the side of the box that let me stab without measuring! I hate measuring. I just like to stab.

Tutorial 003

So, using progressively larger gauges of knitting needles, I stabbed a hole in both sides of the box. I had the graphic to guide me, but you’ll probably need to measure the spot because if your holes don’t line up straight, your spindle won’t unwind well or even at all. Remember that it needs to be far enough away from the edges to accommodate the dimensions of the whorl.

Tutorial 005

Now, at first I left the hole as just rough cardboard, but that resulted in some difficulties unwinding my spindle – namely the hook at the top would catch and unscrew itself against the box. If you’re using thinner cardboard, I can imagine having problems with the cardboard tearing and the hole becoming too large. So I grabbed a grommet. If attempting this, remember to test your grommet first to make sure it is plenty big enough for your spindle to fit in at a DIAGONAL** angle, because you won’t be putting it straight in (the box dimensions shouldn’t let you).

See what I mean?

See what I mean?

Next I glued in the “post” part of the grommet. Unless you’re an experienced grommeter, I wouldn’t try using the washer part and actually pressing the grommet in – any snags in the metal will scratch up your pretty spindle.

"Post" part of the grommet.

“Post” part of the grommet.

Worked like a charm.

Tutorial 002

I have dubbed it my Lazy Luna. That weird thing next to it is a PVC pipe niddy noddy, another mad DIY fiber device. You can find a MOST excellent explanation/tutorial for it at The AntiCraft.


EDIT: **Holy shit!  Diagon Alley. Diagonally. I cannot believe it took me sixteen years to get that.


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