Chaos and the Art of Razorblade Bouquets

Occasionally I sit at my desk stitching along in a dreamlike state, my imagination singing in harmony with the beat of the universe or whatever. But mostly my creative drive sounds more like Ye gods if I have to stare at all this unfinished bullshit for one more week I swear I’ll puke.

So I rush around in a frenzy to finish whatever has been haunting my desk for the last six months. The end goal there is to make room so I can justify starting some new huge endeavor that I’m going to get mad at and then finish in half a year’s time.

Art is chaos that has been coerced into a particular shape. And that’s fine with me.

Chaos - because who wouldn't want a bouquet of dowel rods, PVC pipe, feathers and old razorblades?

Chaos – because who wouldn’t want a bouquet of dowel rods, PVC pipe, feathers and old razorblades?

So, while I do have some posts coming up that I am particularly excited about, right this second I’m obsessed with finishing stuff, not writing stuff. Meanwhile, here’s a picture of one of the things I’ve been staring at, so you can stare at it too!


It’s a small crocheted throw that I started because I had the urge to mindlessly stitch something. A friend of mine rescued a bundle of Lion Brand Thick ‘N’ Quick from a hobby store dumpster (I washed it) and I already had myriad bits of other floofy boucle yarns lying around from my days of making elf hats – but none of them where long enough to even complete one row of my mini-blanket. My solution was to take the dumpster skeins and crochet rows of (dc, ch 1) repeats, making a simple filet-style mesh through which I would weave single strands from the different colored leftovers.

It’s working like a charm so far, and I’m definitely going to be experimenting with this more in the future. As for this particular blanket, Chaston has demanded it for his own.

Oh, and I’m now on Bloglovin, so hit me up.



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