Filigree Lace Cap Pattern

Raise your hand if you love your long hair but cringe at the thought of pulling out your hairband (and inevitably, clumps of your hair along with it).

Or, raise your hand if you have short hair and despair of finding a way to keep it back without having to keep track of bobby pins or find a headband that doesn’t squeeze your skull into oblivion.

I’ve been in both camps – more recently the long-haired one. I’ve a beast on my scalp, one that devours bobby pins and hairbands alike and defies almost any kind of hat. So, out of frustration with ripping my hair out with hairbands every summer and squishing my damp hair into a matted mess every winter, I came up with a fancy yarn hairnet!


However, in order to conjure up images of Renaissance romance and intrigue rather than Janice the cafeteria lady, we’re calling it a lace cap.

You can get the Filigree Lace Cap crochet pattern in my Ravelry Store, Ko-Fi Shop, or Etsy Shop now!


Featuring the center of my Lotus Mandala design combined with chain loop mesh, it also looks great as just a slouch hat if you’re locks are being particularly well-behaved.


This pattern is intermediate level using a 3.25 hook and #2 fine yarn (with shiny bits!)

(UPDATE: 5/7/16 – I updated the pattern to make it much prettier and easier to read. You can find that info here.)


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