New Mexico Bound

A perfect storm of opportunity has occurred that is sending myself and my partner to Albuquerque, NM this week to see his family, grab his old guitar, and generally bum around. Of course I am delighted to visit a city that’s famous for it’s sunny days and warm weather (and blue rock-candy meth cooks played by Bryan Cranston… but that’s beside the point) but the lure of the gorgeous colors and designs of the southwest is stronger. Ever since I visited the southwest with my family as a child, the scenery has stuck with me and inspired in me a love of old leather, eye-popping textiles, and big shiny rocks.

Mmmm... turquoise.

Mmmm… turquoise.

So I was off, making things significantly more complicated by trying to customize my wardrobe for the trip, as any self-respecting refashionista would do. Two thrift store trips, and one sewing frenzy later, I am scheduled to leave in a few hours and still haven’t packed. So I’m writing a blog post… as any self-respecting procrastinator would do.

One particular score was a pair of soft, stretchy, sky-blue cotton jeans from Free People. These things are badass… so comfortable that I hesitate to call them jeans, with 70’s-era-wide bell bottoms. Breathable and light enough to wear in warm weather and still protect the skin of my ghostly pale legs. The problem was that they were five damn inches too long in the leg. Enter one of the more useful tutorials I’ve ever come across on Pinterest.

Click the image to see the tutorial from The Mama's Girls

Click the image to see the tutorial from The Mama’s Girls

Free People pants run the price range from about $40 to $130 dollars, so getting a pair for 3.50 was pretty drool-inducingly awesome. THANK YOU MAMA’S GIRLS.  I’d show pictures of the finished product, but if I start photographing my pants and this point Chaston may kill me with my own sewing scissors. So I’m gonna go glue a feather to my hat (obv) and then start packing.



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