Lotus Throw Pattern

An unusually warm spell in the past week has nudged my thoughts toward all things lacy and airy in anticipation of sunnier skies – although my native Midwest instincts recognize this mild front for the cruel annual joke that it is. Still, the promise of thaw is hovering nearer and I am hurrying my bulky winter projects to completion so I can start working on pieces that remind me of long days and strolls in nature. You know, instead of things you’d wear while, say, being eaten by a yeti.

AND SO more to the point, enjoy this free crochet pattern that I designed in Spring/Summer 2014. The specs for this piece are very loose – it’s intermediate level, designed as an elegant way to use up lonely skeins in your stash. Color changes are variable and there’s tons of room for adaptation: As a worsted weight piece it makes a pretty throw, add arm holes and work in sport weight to make a circular vest, or use heavier cordage to create a doily rug.

UPDATE: This project did go on to become a circular vest and a lacey duster jacket – two separate patterns, both patterns are available for free on my blog if you follow the links 🙂

UPDATE AGAIN: The Lotus Mandala Throw free pattern has been moved to this post here. I corrected, updated and expanded it! 🙂

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  1. Good afternoon. I’m Brazilian and I loved her work and would like to do it for me and my nieces. I copied and translated using Google translator (sorry if it’s unclear). I have doubts what it means – 2 hdc 1dc 1tr 1dc 2hdc. Here we use the terms correntinha – corr, high – pa. I really want to make these models and as soon as I do I’ll send you the pictures. Kisses in your heart. May the Lord brighten your brilliant intelligence more and more to continue creating beautiful things.
    Boa tarde. Sou brasileira e amei seus trabalhos e gostaria de fazer para mim e minhas sobrinhas. Copiei e traduzi usando o Google tradutor (desculpa se não está claro). Tenho dúvidas em que significa – 2 hdc 1dc 1tr 1dc 2hdc. Aqui usamos os termos correntinha – corr, ponto alto- pa. Desejo muito fazer esses modelos e assim que fizer te mandarei as fotos. Beijos no seu coração. Que o Senhor ilumine cada vez mais sua brilhante inteligência para continuar criando lindas coisas.

    1. Hi there! I am so glad you like the design – I am not sure how the instructions translate, but the central mandala design in this is the same as the one for the circular vest in this post:

      There are much better pictures in that post which might be helpful to you as a reference.
      Here are the number of times you wrap your yarn around the hook (yarn over or “YO”) for these US terms:
      hdc (half-double crochet): YO once
      dc (double crochet): YO once
      tr (treble crochet): YO twice

      Hope that helps! 🙂

    1. Hi Tracy! I made this pattern long ago with leftover yarns, so unfortunately I don’t know how much yardage it really takes – but I think two skeins of the Caron Big Cakes would probably be enough! 🙂

      1. Awesome! Thank you for the reply! I’m finishing up your lotus duster pattern now! I love your designs 😊

  2. Absolutely love love love this pattern. Making number four. Two, so far are going to a mental health support unit where they practice meditation and have support classes. My daughter, Molly Storm, pointed me in your direction. Wonderful crafting xxx

    1. Aw yay! I remember Molly! 😀 I am so happy to hear that you like the pattern and even happier to hear that it’s out there doing good in the world. <3 Thank you so much for making that happen <3 <3

  3. I love this pattern but am having trouble at round 33 with it starting to curl like there aren’t enough stitches in the round. HELP!

    1. Hi Willetta! If your gauge is different than mine was, that may be what is causing the issue. I would either add more chain stitches, or possibly size up your hook for this round in order to create more length 🙂

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