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Lotus Throw Pattern


An unusually warm spell in the past week has nudged my thoughts toward all things lacy and airy in anticipation of sunnier skies – although my native Midwest instincts recognize this mild front for the cruel annual joke that it is. Still, the promise of thaw is hovering nearer and I am hurrying my bulky winter projects to completion so I can start working on pieces that remind me of long days and strolls in nature. You know, instead of things you’d wear while, say, being eaten by a yeti.

AND SO more to the point, enjoy this free crochet pattern that I designed in Spring/Summer 2014. The specs for this piece are very loose – it’s intermediate level, designed as an elegant way to use up lonely skeins in your stash. Color changes are variable and there’s tons of room for adaptation: As a worsted weight piece it makes a pretty throw, add arm holes and work in sport weight to make a circular vest, or use heavier cordage to create a doily rug.

UPDATE: This project did go on to become a circular vest and a lacey duster jacket – two separate patterns, both patterns are available for free on my blog if you follow the links 🙂

UPDATE AGAIN: The Lotus Mandala Throw free pattern has been moved to this post here. I corrected, updated and expanded it! 🙂

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